Dental Lumineers in Woodbridge

Stop hiding your smile and get the results you want: a beautiful, white smile with Lumineers. There are no lengthy, uncomfortable dental procedures involved and you’ll get permanently white results that last!

At Potomac Family Dental, we want to help each of our patients love their smiles. If you’re ready to enjoy your best smile, dental lumineers could be the option you’re looking for. Simple and designed to look like natural teeth, lumineers are used to treat a variety of dental issues.

How Are Lumineers Different Than Traditional Veneers?

Lumineers are unique because they’re only .2 mm and translucent. They are applied to your teeth to create the most natural look possible. Since Lumineers are so thin, they can be placed without having to remove any tooth structure. Lumineers can be the perfect cosmetic dental solution for stained, discolored, misaligned or chipped teeth.

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A consultation with Dr. Khattab and Dr. Uthman is the perfect way to answer all of your questions and determine if Lumineers could be the best solution for your smile! Call Potomac Family Dental today.