Cosmetic Dentistry in Woodbridge

The most important thing you wear each day is your smile. If your teeth cause you embarrassment, Dr. K and Dr. Uthman offer a vast selection of cosmetic dentistry enhancements to recreate the aesthetics of your smile as a whole.

With a visit to Potomac Family Dental, you could enjoy a picture-perfect smile…

  • That makes you look younger
  • To make a great, first impression
  • For a job interview
  • That makes you feel more confident

Most of all, you’ll have the dazzling smile you deserve!

Professional Teeth Whitening

You might be tempted to purchase a teeth bleaching kit at your local store, but why waste your money on inferior results? At Potomac Family Dental, we offer prescription grade whitening to safely brighten your pearly whites, and erase years of stain from your teeth. Opt for in-house brightening or convenient take-home trays.

Be sure to ask about our lifetime whitening program, available for just $199. As long as you maintain regular checkups at our practice, we’ll supply new whitening gel for your custom fitted take-home trays. Imagine a brighter, more youthful smile – for life!

Hide Your Imperfections With Dental Veneers

Few patients are born with a Hollywood smile. Our customized no-prep and traditional veneers, one of our cosmetic dentistry services, offer the perfect option for hiding any flaws that detract from your smile, including teeth that are:

  • Severely stained
  • Uneven
  • Crooked
  • Chipped
  • Misshapen

Enjoy a straighter, gorgeous smile – without the hassle and time spent in orthodontics! Your dramatic makeover can be completed in as few as 3 visits to our office. We offer a unique design process that allows you to “try out” the look of veneers before they’re applied.

For an affordable fee, we can create a wax template and temporarily bond it to your smile. This allows you, your friends, and family to see what the final restoration will look like and make any adjustments prior to your permanent veneer placement. Once you’re delighted with the look, we’ll custom-craft thin shells of luminous porcelain, that will slip over your existing teeth, hiding any imperfections from view.

Dental Bonding

We offer dental bonding as an alternative to other forms of tooth restoration. The term “bonding” is used, as tooth colored resin is applied using adhesive and a high intensity curing light. Bonding is a great way to fill in chips or cracks in your teeth. It can also be used to cover teeth that are discolored and may not respond well to professional teeth whitening treatments.

Gingival Sculpting and Enhancement

At Potomac Family Dental, we offer advanced, non-surgical gum reshaping with diode lasers. If your smile showcases your gums instead of your teeth, we can gently recontour the soft tissue along your teeth to improve your smile’s overall appearance. You can enjoy fuller teeth with no pain, no discomfort, and no recovery time!

For some patients, an overgrowth of inflamed gum tissue can occur during orthodontic treatment or for other reasons. To treat your delicate gums, we offer laser diode gingivectomy as a comfortable alternative to painful surgery.

Restore Your Smile

Are missing teeth detracting from your smile? Our Woodbridge office provides implant-supported crowns, bridges and dentures. You don’t have to live with a gapped grin! Let us restore the function, feel and appearance of your teeth with any of our customized cosmetic dentistry restorations.

Schedule Your Consultation

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To prevent tooth loss and take control over your health again, We offer in-house periodontal therapies for gum disease treatment in Woodbridge.