Can Orthodontic Treatment Improve Symptoms of TMD?

Diagnosing a jaw problem is very tricky business.

Your jaw has a complex joint in it referred to as the ‘temporomandibular joint’ or ‘TMJ’ for short. It’s difficult for surgeons and dentists to see into your TMJ when something goes wrong. This makes it hard to suggest an effective treatment for TMD, temporomandibular joint disorder.

Why You Need TMD Treatment

Once you notice that something is wrong with your TMJ, it’s nearly impossible to forget about it. Pain or discomfort in your jaw will affect nearly every aspect of your life.

Some common symptoms of TMD include:

  • Sore jaw
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Clicking or grinding noises in your joint
  • Abnormal or premature tooth wear

Inadequate jaw alignment and biting relationships is often a huge contributing factor to TMJ disorders. For this reason, many of our patients seek out orthodontic treatment for efficient TMD relief.

Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Because there’s rarely any clear cause of the pain, it’s not easy to blame the problem on tooth alignment. However, plenty of anecdotal evidence shows that some people do find relief after straightening their teeth. Poor tooth alignment could prevent your jaw from closing. Or your bite may be too deep. One crooked tooth might make you chew unevenly.

If it’s clear that a bad bite is putting stress on your jaw, correcting it with orthodontic treatment might help.

A Solution That Works for You

Are you currently suffering from TMJ pain? Schedule a visit to Potomac Family Dental. We’ll go through a list of symptoms to rule out other potential causes of your TMD. We’ll take a careful look at your jaw, assess your bite and build from there.

TMD therapies range from a simple ice pack to painkillers to mouth guards to surgeries. What worked for one person might not work for you. We’ll start out with the least invasive method and then try new ones, as the need arises. We can also discuss orthodontic treatment as an option for managing your TMJ pain.

Looking for TMJ treatment in Woodbridge, VA? Call us today to plan your consultation.